With so much uncertainty around the second wave of COVID-19 and how it is going to affect the 48th edition of the aQuellé Midmar Mile, our race office has been receiving a lot of queries. While we have been working behind the scenes to form the best possible plan, we have some details which we can now share with all of you.

New Dates:

Safety during the pandemic is one of our top priorities and to facilitate this, our eight events will now be spread across two weekends instead of the usual one. This is being done to ensure we can accommodate swimmers safely while allowing as many people to take part as possible.

The new dates (subject to final approval) are:

  • Sat 6 March (Events 1 & 2)
  • Sun 7 March (Events 3 & 4)
  • Sat 13 March (Events 5 & 6)
  • Sun 14 March (Events 7 & 8)

With every change comes some questions, so below we have worked on some answers to questions you will undoubtedly have:

  • I cannot make the date my event is scheduled for, what should I do?
    • Our aim with the 2021 swim is to make it possible for all of you to take part in the event, so while we encourage all swimmers to take part in the registered event, if that is not possible we will change your swim day (and event) to one of the four dates we have listed above that suits you. If you have already entered please phone our race office on 0861 643627 or simply email us at entries@midmarmile.co.za to change your event. Please make sure you have all your entry details handy
  • My family’s swims are split across the two weekends – what do I do?
    • The system we are adopting for the 2021 edition allows for families and friends to swim together regardless of age or gender. So what this means is that we can move swimmers to swim on the same day as each other. If you have already entered please phone our race office on 0861 643627 or simply email us at entries@midmarmile.co.za to change your event. Please make sure you have all your entry details handy
  • I am unable to make either weekend, what will happen to my entry as I have already entered?
    • While we are doing our best to accommodate everyone we do understand that it may not be possible to join us at the 2021 edition even with the versatility we are offering. If you are in a position where all efforts to re-organise your calendar have resulted in failure we will defer your entry to our 2022 event. You may contact us directly: entries@midmarmile.co.za if this is necessary. Please note NO REFUNDS will be given.
  • How will results be for the 2021 aQuellé Midmar Mile be organised?
    • While we have extended this year’s event over two weekends we are also offering swimmers to choose their swim date, which means that results will be organised differently this year. All results will be collated and categorised in the same way as previous years, except that in this year’s edition we are drawing all results from across all eight events. For example, a 13-year-old female can swim on Sun 7th of March and another 13-year-old female can swim on Sun 14th of March: their results will be categorised together in the final results released after the final swim on the 14th of March.
  • How will I know what time I need to arrive at Midmar Dam?
    • In the week before your event, we will send out all your race information which will include the time you should arrive at the Midmar main gate.
  • What happens if I run late on the day of my event?
    • You don’t need to stress, we have you covered! All swims will all be on a ‘rolling’ start system in order to comply with strict Covid-19 safety protocols. This will mean there will be no crowding of swimmers waiting for the starting gun – you will instead make your way to the water’s edge and start your swim immediately.
I am nervous coming to an event in Covid-19 times, how will I be safe?

The safety of all the swimmers at Midmar Mile has always been our team’s top priority. During this pandemic, there is, even more, to get right and you have our assurance that our protocols and management plans for the event will pass through rigorous processes of approval from a number of parties. Some points to note below

  • NO SPECTATORS will be allowed at the event as per Government regulations.
  • If there are no spectators allowed how do I make sure my child is safe and knows what to do when we arrive?
    • Minors are expected to be accompanied by a legal guardian who may escort them through the registration process all the way to the entrance to the swim start channel. Guardians will leave via a designated exit and the swimmer will be marshaled to the water’s edge to start swimming immediately. Guardians make their way to the parking areas outside the Finish area to wait for swimmers to exit. We will also have SECURITY and MARSHALS stationed around the Start and Finish areas to ensure that swimmers know where to go and what to do at all times.
  • How can I wear a mask all the time?
    • Masks, by law, are to be worn upon exiting your car until the start of your swim. Our partner, NORTH SAFETY, has generously sponsored disposable masks to be handed to each swimmer at registration which will be discarded shortly before entering the water. Swimmers will be handed a new mask on exiting the water at the finish.
  • How will Midmar Mile ensure Covid-19 protocol is followed?
    • We will have designated Covid-19 Compliance Officers stationed at key points at both the Start and Finish areas. It will be their job to ensure entrants sanitise hands at allocated points, remain socially distanced, and are wearing masks.


I’ve got questions – who can I ask?

Our Team!! Please don’t hesitate to call or email: 0861 643627 or entries@midmarmile.co.za and we will do our best to put your mind at ease and assist with any queries.

How do I enter?

It’s as simple as clicking the button below and choosing your category and date! Remember due to the various protocol entries are limited and so we encourage you all to enter as soon as possible!