Bulk Entries

We will again provide the Bulk Entry facility for Schools and Companies who would like to enter 20 or more swimmers into the 2025 aQuellé Midmar Mile. Please note that the swimmers do not have to enter the same event as each other. Click here for the full Event Line Up for Race Weekend.

The Bulk Entry facility is in place to accommodate the large payment that would be due for 20 or more swimmers entering.

Please note the following Terms and Conditions regarding the Bulk Entry facility:

  • Entry Rates change over the months leading up to Race Weekend. The Entry Rates are clearly stated on the Entry Rate Schedule page once entries are open
  • On the first day of the new rate available, all Bulk Entry groups will be invoiced
  • Should you wish to add more entries to your group, you will need to login to your group and add more entries at the new rate