Jo Anne Barnard

It has been an absolute honour for me to wear the white and black cow print of the CHOC Cows for the last 10 years at Midmar Mile. There is no better team to be a part of, from the organisers within CHOC, who welcome us and look after us every year, to all the other amazing swimmers and their families and supporters who I have met at the event over the years. Many have become friends and some are almost family!

Dr Klaus Leschner

CHOC do truly amazing work. When children are diagnosed with cancer, they embark on a very long journey with prolonged and difficult treatment programs far away from home. CHOC help children and their families on their journey, providing a home away from home with outstanding emotional and practical support.

Jason Raath

In 2017, I had the privilege of being part of a team that towed Layla, a young cancer sufferer, around the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and by doing so, helped her tick off the bucket list item of completing a 94.7. Sadly, Layla lost her battle with Ependymoma a little over a year later.