Rudy Craps

Fundraising after a pandemic is never easy. I must admit, the amount of R20k was a bit of a challenge, but I made plans and we got creative (including auctioning whiskey and a Limited Edition Round Table pin (bought by an international Lacy Circle member in Holland).

After completing extra miles over the weekend after the Charity Challenge 16 miles, we celebrated 20 completed miles at local restaurants during a beer festival and met an anonymous donor who was happy to match our fundraising efforts and effectively doubled up the amounts raised! This shows that putting yourself out there and believing in the cause you are raising for is what it takes to successfully raise these types of amounts.

I was looking for a challenge and the Charity 16 Mile Challenge was an obvious choice, but more importantly, I was drawn to the personal and focussed charity and people behind it, Happy Bundles. I love having personal engagements with the people doing the great work in communities that need it, and not just being a number of a large NPO that I have no idea how funds are spent. So that to me was a very big motivator to swim for Happy Bundles.

The event was extremely well organised, and the experience is always a pleasant one. Thursday and Friday were both long days, as I am not a fast swimmer but the Happy Bundles team were there to make sure we were fed and hydrated and this was much appreciated! 

The amount of effort and trouble Midmar Mile goes through for the charity drives is amazing and I am honoured to be a part of it.