When it comes to open-water, it’s really important to be able to see where you’re going. Without this ability, your aQuellé Midmar Mile can easily become your aQuellé Midmar Mile and a Half.

Due to the fact that the air inside your goggles is warmer than the water outside your goggles, condensation forms, and having the lenses mist up is a common problem. This can make it tough to see where the next buoy is and where the swimmers around you are. Never fear – help is at hand.

Various companies have brought out anti-fog sprays, which can be a great help. If you buy a new pair of goggles, they will generally come with a built-in anti-fog coating, but it doesn’t last forever, so we’d recommend that you invest in one of these sprays. Just remember to clean your goggles regularly so that this spray doesn’t become a residue on your lenses. Make sure you don’t use a spray intended for use on scuba masks – this stuff can harm your eyes if used on goggles.

There are some ways to make sure that the anti-fog coating that your goggles comes with lasts longer. The most important thing to do is never to rub your goggles like you would a pair of glasses – this motion can rub the coating right off. Instead, make sure you always rinse your goggles under the tap after a swim – whether you’ve been in salt water, fresh water or chlorinated water.

It may sound odd, but some swimmers swear that baby shampoo does the same job as an anti-fog spray. The idea is to rub a tiny bit into each lens about half an hour before you swim and then rinse them out carefully. It works the same way as the anti-fog spray by creating a layer of protection against that unwanted fog.

While this idea may seem a little unsanitary, a little saliva on the inside of your lenses can also go a long way to preventing the onset of that unwanted mist.