Sunday 25 November dawned bright and sunny at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge, and conditions were perfect for the much-anticipated Cradle Moon Swim Challenge. These good conditions held on just long enough for every event in the fun-filled morning to go off without a hitch.

Event one was a 3km swim for our more intrepid open water swimmers, and it was won by Reino von Wielligh in a time of 36:32. Hot on his heels were Connor Buck in 37:46 and Abdul Malick Railoun in 38:18. The women’s race was won by Kaitlyn Albertyn, who emerged victorious in 39:51, followed by Catherine van Rensburg in 40:23 and Nadia Blaauw in 42:24.

Event two saw the 13 and under/31 and over ladies taking to the water, with Lisa Kleyn from the 13 and under category winning convincingly in a time of 14:04. She was followed by Megan Albertyn in 14:33 and Michaela dal Medico in 14:41. Then it was the men’s/boys’ turn, and Gary Albertyn was the victor in just 13:07. Second place went to Kian Keylock in 13:27, and Michael Phillips rounded off the podium in 13:34.

Next, it was our 14-30-year-old swimmers’ turn to make a splash. Reino von Wielligh was once again the first man out of the water, this time in a time of 11:54. Matthew Sates was second in 12:04, and Connor Buck and Nicholas Malan were joint third in a dead heat in 12:08.

In the women’s competition, Jessica Whelan was the winner in a time of 12:30. She was followed by Kaitlyn Albertyn (12:51) and Megan Shepherd (13:46).

A fantastic morning of swimming was rounded off with an untimed 400-metre Fun Swim, which was greatly enjoyed by families and open-water novices alike.

The aQuellé Midmar Mile team will return to Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge on 19-20 January 2019 to bring you the annual Lake Heritage Water Festival. Get your entry in here and we’ll see you there.