On Race Day

Please read the following sections very carefully as they provide information that will help you when you get to the event.

Please note entry fees are payable to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife to get into Midmar Dam over the event  weekend. As a guide, the fees below are for 2020. Fees for 2021 will be updated here once known.

Please have the relevant amount with you in cash.

  • Pedestrians: R40.00 per person.
  • Cars: R100 per car.
  • Combis: R150.00 per combi.
  • Small buses: R400.00 per bus.
  • Large buses: R800.00.

During weekend, the following cards are not accepted, only cash payment or credit cards are accepted.

1 – Wildcards
2 – Rhino Gold Card

We request all motorists to:

  1. Put as many people into a car as possible as it is a charge per car and not individual to encourage reducing the number of cars coming through the gate;
  2. Get the required amount of money ready in the car to avoid delays in getting change etc.

All Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife indemnity rules will apply. Events will take place irrespective of weather conditions, unless officials from KZN Wildlife deem conditions to be unsafe. Should it NOT BE POSSIBLE to hold the event, beyond the control of the Organising Committee, medals will be issued and no entry fees will be refunded.


The two way traffic flow between the start and finish will once again be in operation this year. This will help the buses used for transporting swimmers to move a little faster between the collection/drop-off points. Please take note of the routes by referring to the main map of the dam. Specially marked parking areas will be available, depending on which lane you enter the dam, as well as attendants on duty to help you enter and park with the least inconvenience possible.


These officials (Bhejane Security) will also be acting as security for your vehicles while you enjoy the 46th aQuellé Midmar Mile. However, you do park at your own risk, and attendants will not be responsible for your car.




The manpower on the water this year will be approximately one hundred and twenty qualified lifeguards adding to the safety of the swim. Together with the lifeguards, the SA Navy, SA Engineers Corp, SAPS Diving Unit and medical services are all on the water during the races.


For safety reasons ONLY OFFICIAL BOATS will be allowed to follow the swimmers. Unofficial power boats entering the Yachting area may be impounded by KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife officials.


For medical emergencies, medical assistance is located at the finish. Medical staff will be on hand at the start, on the water and at Munro Bay. Please notify an official should you require medical attention.

The onus is on the swimmer to supply and make arrangements regarding special medical/health requirements while competing.


The procedure to gain the most accurate results for the race often depends on the finisher. Please take note of the following requests:

  1. There are generally eight channels one can finish in.
  2. Once in the channel, please do not change your order.
  3. Start getting your bar-coded tag ready to hand in at the top end of the channel. Please do not just drop the safety pin on the ground as this could cause an injury to someone else. Use the box at the end of the channel to discard the safety pin.
  4. Hand in your bar-coded tag and timing chip to the collector at the end of the channel. If you have lost your tag, your details will be recorded. Swimmers unofficially swimming in the race will receive a life ban from the event, if caught.
  5. Once your tag is handed in, you must continue to the aQuellé refreshment area, where you will receive a bottle of flavoured water, collecting your medal on the way.
  6. FOR THE AGE GROUP EVENTS – events 5 and 6 on Sunday – here are your finish procedures, until officials allow swimmers to use any channels the following must be adhered to:
    1. 13 years and under will finish in the channels 1 and 2. 31-40 years will be channels 3 and 4. 41-50 years will use channels 5 and 6. 51 years and over will use channel 7. Gold caps will use channel 8.

      Please keep to these lanes as much as possible. If the channels are reduced for any reason, there will be one channel per age group.

    2. Generally, if you are completing the race in over 32 minutes, it will not matter which lane you finish in, except for the 51 years and over who are requested to finish in the far right channel only if possible.
    3.  The lanes are numbered 1 – 8, from left to right, as you approach the finish.

There is a cut-off time at the halfway mark, of 32 minutes. Anybody still in the water will be removed by the Water Safety Staff and taken by boat to Munro Bay. Please hand in your tags to the Officials, so that they can be recorded on the computer system.


The following will result in a swimmer being disqualified:

  1. Swimmers failing to obey the rules or any Official’s instructions.
  2. Receiving assistance while swimming, including the wearing of wetsuits or swimming aids.
  3. Substituting one swimmer with another.
  4. Finishing the event without having registered will result in NO TIME being recorded and disqualification.
  5. Any action that may bring the event into disrepute may result in disqualification and further disciplinary action.
  6. Swimmers are expected to wear the swim cap supplied. The wearing of any other cap will result in disqualification.



Prizegiving for Events 1-4 – Sat 13 Feb – as close to 14:00 as results permit

Prizegiving for Events 5-8 – Sun 14 Feb – as close to 14.00 as results permit


Prize money will ONLY BE PAID OVER after prize giving but within 14 days of the event and subject to doping clearance.


ONLY swimmers seeded in the first batch (ORANGE CAP) will be eligible for prizes. The organisers reserve the right to accept seeding times outside of the seeding events.

The onus is on the entrant to ensure correct seeding.


Enquiry counters will be at the start and finish. The start enquiries counter will deal purely with start matters, and the finish enquiries counter will deal only with finish matters. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the finish area.

How To Enter

You may enter online or via printed entry form.

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