Schools Charity Relay Challenge

Following the success in 2021 of the two day Charity Challenge for our 8 & 16 mile swimmers, we have decided to broaden the scope of the fundraising to include school teams. Keeping the fundraising events separate from the swims over the weekend gives the swimmers the time and space to complete their events in a more relaxed environment that focuses on their achievements both in the water and on the funds that are raised through their efforts.

The framework of the Schools Charity Relay Challenge is as follows:


A school can put forward one (or more) teams of 4 swimmers who would collectively swim 8 miles over 2 days (1 mile per swimmer each day). For every team entered into the event, the school is responsible for raising a minimum of R10,000.


The school is responsible for raising the funds in whatever ways will work for the school and may use whichever fundraising platform works best. Enclosed with this document, are two versions of the new ‘Charity Challenge’ logo that must be included on all communications and advertising of fundraising events.

Of the total funds raised, 25% will be donated back to the school with 75% being donated to the charities who are already partnered with aQuellé Midmar Mile.

The deadline for raising funds is Thursday 31 March

How do we enter?

Click here to enter your team.

Closing date for entries into the Schools Charity Relay Challenge is Monday 31 January

Entry Fee

An Entry Fee of R400 will be payable per team entered.

How it will work on the day

One Timing Chip will be allocated to each team on registration for the event on the morning of Thursday 10 February

Two swimmers are on each side of the dam and will each swim one mile, starting from the Main Slipway. The Timing Chip acts as the ‘baton’ and is passed from one swimmer to the next for each mile swim.

Swimmers 1 and 3 will start from the Main Slipway

Swimmers 2 and 4 will start from the Blackhurst side (Event Start for weekend swims)

The Team is required to have logistical support and transport for the duration of the swims on each day.

Once all 8 miles are completed, the positions will be announced as per the entry categories listed below

Categories for Entry


all swimmers in the team must be in Grade 7 or below in Feb 2022 – can be mixed grades


all swimmers in the team must be in Grades 8 – 12 in Feb 2022 – can be mixed grades

Junior Female

Junior Male

Junior Mixed

Senior Female

Senior Male

Senior Mixed

What if the swimmers also want to swim an event on the weekend?

Entries into the events on 12-13 Feb are separate from swims as part of the school team and will need to be completed and paid for online